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Protecting the traditional use of plants in skincare

Protecting the traditional use of plants in skincare
By Euronews

Spanish eco-friendly cosmetics company Matarrania uses ancient methods to blend wild plants picked from the surrounding countryside with virgin olive oil for products that nourish the skin and respect the planet. Free from water, they contain only active ingredients, ensuring maximum efficacy. All are organic and vegan, sourced locally and packaged in recycled glass and aluminium. Here we chat with founder Evelyn Celma about protecting ancient ancestral wisdom, living sustainably and the importance of gratitude for a happy life.

What inspired you to start Matarrania?

“I wanted to create a project to voice and protect traditions related to the use of plants and skin care that might otherwise be lost. It is valuable wisdom that mustn’t disappear, offering us a route to reconnect with the power of nature. Also, I desired a profession that would allow me to manage my time according to my needs.”

How do you set your products apart from the competition?

“Our key differentiators are quality, purity and effectiveness. Among the organic sector, Matarrania is the only Spanish brand made without water and with 100% natural and certified organic ingredients. In addition, we process plant extracts according to traditional methods.”

What’s been your biggest challenge and how did you solve it?

“Learning to trust the project and in the team of people who help me. To let go of my “little baby” confidently. Basically, I’ve had to realise that it’s been born and now, with so much care invested in it, it’s grown up.”

What are you most proud of achieving?

“Well, I’m pleased that there are so many people now enjoying the benefits of a simple cosmetics, made with love and only pure ingredients – without chemicals or preservatives. I’m proud that creams our great grandmothers could have made without technology are now being used today.”

Which single product would you choose as Mattarania’s hero product and why?

“I’d say any of our balms. They are “superstar” creams made without water, with a dense oily texture and slow absorption. In today’s rushed lifestyle they’re miracle products, as save time by multitasking to repair and protect the skin.”

Why do you think people want to buy from brands with a conscience?

“The knowledge of the environmental issues we face due to the type of consumption we’ve been practicing for decades is increasing. Once aware of this reality and having made a decision to contribute to change it, it becomes preferable for people to invest in products made by sustainable companies. By this I mean companies who toil to perform their function for the benefit of people and the planet, not just for their financial bottom lines. There is now more awareness of unity between everyone and the earth.”

How do you personally live more sustainably on a daily basis?

“I eat lots of vegetables, buy in bulk, try to minimise my clothing needs and recycle all my waste. Also, I only use my car if necessary, don’t have a dryer or air conditioning and use few industrialised products. Lastly – but importantly – I go to the mountain to remember where I come from.”

What daily ritual could you not live without?

“I need to drink or eat something hot for breakfast in the morning. And I love to smell good. I always use a cream or perfume before starting my day.”

What do you think is the secret to a happy life?

“Be thankful for what you have and for who you are.”

So what’s next for Matarrania?

“Developing wonderful new products, opening to markets abroad and promoting the awareness of loving oneself, others and the planet.”

Words:Kate Johnson