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If you would like to contact euronews or if you have any questions about the channel and our programming, please feel free to get in touch:

Contact Euronews Team

Editorial feedback

Email: digitalmedia (at)

Euronews App Support

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Euronews Sales

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Digital advertising

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Licensing and footage requests

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Euronews Press Office

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Advertising Sales – North, East Asia and Asia Pacific

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Distribution - Worldwide

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Euronews Office Belgium

223, rue de la Loi,
B - 1040 Bruxelles

Joanna Gill

Deputy Bureau Chief of Brussels office

Euronews Office London


114 St Martin’s Lane,
London WC2N 4BE,
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)2 07 240 87 17

Euronews Office Berlin


Potsdamer Str. 91,
10785 Berlin,
Tel: +49 30 23 001 068

Euronews Office Greece

Vasilisis Sofias Av. 11,
10671 Athens

Vasilis Bitsis

Head of Euronews Greek Office
Email: vasilis.bitsis (at)

Euronews Office Hungary

Széchenyi tér 7-8., B épület, 5. emelet,
1051 Budapest

Attila Kert

Head of Euronews Budapest Office
Email: attila.kert (at)

Euronews "rendez-vous"

"Rendez-vous", your daily selection of cultural and artistic events (festivals, exhibitions, concerts ...).
Send us your press release along with high-definition images (300dpi) to rendez-vous (at)

56, quai Rambaud,
69002 Lyon