About us

Euronews is Europe’s leading international news channel

We are an international news media, providing news with a European perspective to a worldwide audience through 12 cross-platform editions, of which 9 with distinct TV channels.

Our mission is to empower people to form their own opinion. We trust in people’s intelligence and ability to make up their own mind and seek to provide our audience with the greatest diversity of viewpoints through journalism that is unapologetically impartial.

We don’t trade in bias and outrage, we focus on facts, ideas, and solutions.

We believe all views matter.

We’ve been providing independent news without favour or bias since launching in Lyon, France in 1993. We now reach 400 million homes across 160 countries and are the most watched news channel in continental Europe.

Our European identity sets us apart

Euronews was born out of a will to create a strong independent European news channel. As the only international news media with a European perspective, Euronews is where the world turns to hear what Europe has to say.

Today, more than ever, our European DNA is at the heart of all our operations. Euronews reports live every day from across Europe and the world, delivering unrivalled coverage of European affairs, benefiting from a multicultural and multilingual newsroom, and correspondents across the continent with unmatched European expertise.

Euronews is available in 67% of TV homes in the EU and UK, and is known to more than half of all Europeans. With more daily TV viewers than any of our competitors in Europe, we are delivering on our European mission of general interest every day.

With a team of 500 journalists of more than 30 different nationalities, our 12 editions cover European and world news 24/7 in Arabic, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish, with bureaus in Brussels, Athens and Budapest, and a network of correspondents in all major European cities, including Berlin, London, Moscow, Paris, and Rome.

Our unique multi-language news model enables us to customise global news for local audiences. We believe that covering the news impartially in so many languages is important because languages help ideas travel, and to address the urgent issues facing Europe and the world, people need to hear perspectives from people and places that are unfamiliar. Our audience trusts us to bring together different viewpoints as objectively as possible because we operate free from any partisan or national interests, unlike most of our competitors.

Our diversity is our strength

Every day, our team of 500 journalists of more than 30 different nationalities, gathers news and perspectives from across Europe and the world. Our flagship English language channel, features 17 hours of anchored shows, including Good Morning Europe, Euronews Now, Euronews Tonight. Our news bulletins feature live social verification from #TheCube, a team of specialist social verification journalists who fact check and debunk, if needed, what’s happening on social media.

Africanews, the only independent international news channel made for Africa

In 2016, Euronews launched its sister channel, Africanews. Africanews is the only international and independent news channel made for Africa. With a team of 50 local correspondents representing the diversity of Africa, Africanews reports breaking news from the ground, delivers unbiased reporting and showcases all the voices shaping the future of the continent. Africanews is available both on TV and on digital platforms, in French and in English.

Euronews franchises: new channels delivering local, regional and international news to local audiences

In November 2019, Euronews’ first ever franchise Euronews Albania was launched in Tirana. In 2020, Euronews Georgia and Euronews Serbia will be launched. Each of the franchises are new channels set to deliver local, regional and international news to viewers in their own language.