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The centuries-old history of Russian cherry farming

The centuries-old history of Russian cherry farming
Copyright  Brooke Lark / Unsplash
By Euronews

Centuries-old cherry orchards are the lifeblood of the community in a small village in the Russian countryside. The locals in Bolshiye Bakaldy take pride in their heritage, they say their ancestors had planted the gardens and so they tend to them.

"The history of the Bakaldy cherry orchards dates back to the 17th century when the local lands belonged to boyar Boris Morozov, one of the richest and influential people of the age. It was due to Morozov that such brewing was created in the village - from then on, the cherries grown in the landlord's garden were made liqueurs, tinctures and so on, says local historian Ivan Spitsyn.

Click on the video above and see the story of the Bakaldy orchards, which remained untouched even in the II World War when all the settlements were cut down and they began planting potatoes.